We let website visitors see each other

AboutChatCat lets visitors of your website see
and interact with each other,
Every vistor automatically gets an image
that he can use to move or talk with the other visitors.
How to useAdding ChatCat capabilities
to your website is very easy.
Just adding one line to your html page.
No need to download or install anything.
Compatible with all browsers. Read more
It's Free !
See how it looks
See how your website will look like when ChatCat is enabled:(Entire website, without restricting ChatCat to a specific area)
Why you should use ChatCat in your website:
Online shopping websites: When people shop together with their friends, they are more likely to make purchases. A friend who also thinks that this dress/shoes/TV etc is great, will in many cases give the extra confident boost to do the extra step and make the actual purchase.
Games and entertainment websites: Whether your website is about scrabble , cards, sudoku, action games or others, playing is much more fun when done together with friends.
Content websites: Whether your website is about general news or whether it is about a specific topic, the user experience improves extremely when he can interact with people like him who are interested in exactly the same content.
All websites: It's cool, it's extremely easy to use and it is free !

Would you like to let visitors coming to your website see each other ?

Visitors could see each other on all pages of your website or just on specific pages

On enabled pages, every visitor receives an image with which he can move and talk with other visitors of the website.

There is no need for plugins or any kind of installation !

In two minutes' time you can let visitors to your website see each other.

Click here

Online clubs are regular websites with one big difference:

visitors can see each other !

Every vistor has an image that he can use to move or talk with the other visitors.

We host online clubs for free. We have online tools to create onlie clubs with just a few mouse clicks.

No special knowledge is needed !

Your club could be a place where you meet online with friends or it could be a place for work meetings, it could be a place for people interested in a specific topic etc.

You can also visit other people's online clubs (only clubs open to the public)

Create your own club It's Free !

Click here to visit public clubs created by other people.

Did you ever wish you could surf the web together with a friend ?

After clicking www.webiag.com use the Go button next to your avatar image to navigate to your preferred website. Let your friend do the same. You can now see each other and surf together !

Alternatively you can paste this link in your browser and send it to your friend:
(replace AnyWebsite with your chosen website link)

You can now see each other and surf together !